Spring Changes – Are you ready?

The force of nature is powerful in Spring.  Effecting not only our external environment but within us as well – spring is bursting forth.

New ideas, plans, future visions begin here. Intention setting is a must at this time of year – DREAM BIG!

Spring also calls on our ability to adapt to change, be flexible and surrender to the natural flow of life.

If our body is tired, tight with tension and stress – we may snap when confronted by unexpected issues and difficult situations.

Constantly busy, feeling irritated, angry, fatigued and having low moods are all signs we may need support to shift our qi for greater ease and flow.

We aren’t seperate from our environment.  The seasons, the weather, our homes, what we eat and how we move through the day has a huge impact on our health and wellbeing.

As nature shifts and moves so must we or health issues may arise.

Listed below are some seasonal changes for you to find your groove and reap the inspiring awesome energy of spring 🙂


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Food as Medicine

We are what we eat so to shift into the spring vibe – eat light, and loads of leafy greens.  Increase vegetables and decrease heavy oils, fats and rich foods.  Invest in good quality oil and introduce stir fries.  Eating in this way will keep you cool, calm and collected plus help to drop off any extra winter padding which was needed in the cooler months.

Beware and steer clear of deep fried greasy foods especially if you’ve got skin conditions, if you’re prone to sluggishness or emotional frustrations.


Throw off the winter and embrace lightness in body by using the extra sunshine in the mornings – get up and go for a brisk walk, breathing deeply to clear out the old and bring in the new.

Some of us feel too tired to get up early but if you can keep relaxed and open to the possibility of greeting the sun each morning even just sitting up in bed, setting intentions and welcoming the energy of the new day – it’s a great start.


Twisting movements encourage release and not only for the body but also the mind as well.

Core strengthening is vital at this time of year to keep you grounded and feeling stable so add sit ups to your daily practise.

Remember to breathe deeply and exhale with some big loud sighing to release tension in the whole system.

10 wk course – limited places

Spring – Summer program

  • release stress & body tension
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Shake & wake up your body

Focus on health this coming season

  • throw off winter heaviness in the body and mind
  • shift your perspective and change your habits
To reserve your place contact Kelli 0415 970 408 or here